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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
It is worth noting that this episode is not from one of the main writing staff, and it shows.
Yes, but the script still would've gone through more than one draft and someone else, likely someone on the main staff, would've been the one giving edits (and if the first draft was bad there would've been major suggested edits). In the episode 'Her Charm' for example, multiple writers got involved because there were issues with the script, which did not happen here. No other writer is credited on this episode, which tells me that the main staff must not have had an issue with the script or with the story. Otherwise why would they give this single writer, who wasn't even a regular staff writer, such free rein?

Sam leaped into a priest in the middle of a church wedding ceremony in 'Leap of Faith', which could also be considered a 'shocking' entry similar to his leaping into the Rabbi in the middle of a Bat Mitzvah. 'Leap of Faith' is an enjoyable episode (it's been a while since I've seen it but I remember liking it), but other than the side story about Al not going to church/praying anymore, couldn't the same argument be made that if they changed the setting and vocation of the leapee the story could still work?

To me, representation is a good thing, not just for the cultures that need more of it, but for everyone, and I really don't get the argument against it.
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