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How the Tess Was Won: In the interests of fairness, I have tried not to judge Season 1 too harshly against my personal criteria for how good an episode is, as they were still finding their feet. But in a season that, with the help of the spectacular episodes "The Color of Truth" and "Camikaze Kid" proved to be above average for a first season of a television show, "How the Tess Was Won" was the equivalent of the student who didn't turn up to any classes and still sat the test, and made the entire class average plummet.

I find episodes where the central theme is to play matchmaker stupid when one of the people to be matched ISN'T EVEN THERE. Even if Sam had succeeded in making Tess fall in love with him, there's no guarantee that she'll like the real Doc when he returns! Then after all that work, someone else professes his love for Tess (the other person who had been writing her letters) and they end up together, presumably as they had done originally seeing as Ziggy had the knowledge that she will marry someone who writes her love letters. What was the point of it all?! Why even leap there?! The only things that Sam actually changes in history are the pig surviving (so maybe there's more bacon for the world in the future?) and Buddy Holly writing "Peggy Sue" a little earlier in his lifetime. Whoop-de-frickin-doo...

Sam's struggles in the challenge were entertaining though.
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