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I honestly can't think of an episode from the show that I would like to list as my 10th least favourite, so I will go with the extended universe.

"The Infinite Corridor" from Comic #3

It's a cute story, and I liked the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, but one thing really sticks out at me. The whole leap seemed completely pointless! In the original history, Ellen completed her research and Sam built on it to create Quantum Leap. He leaps in, almost ruins it, has to fix what he messed up, and then leaps. What was the point?! My only guess is that in the original history, Matt and Ellen stayed together long enough so that she wasn't distracted and still completed the research, but they broke up not long afterwards. I shouldn't have to be coming up with scenarios to make a story make sense. This was a disappointing story, and should not have been paired up with the heart-warming story that preceded it.

So overall my Bottom 10 are:

Season 1: "How the Tess was Won"

Season 2: "Thou Shalt Not" and "All Americans"

Season 3: "Runaway" and "Piano Man"

Season 4: "Hurricane", "The Play's the Thing" and "A Single Drop of Rain"

Season 5: "Blood Moon"

Extended Universe: "The Infinite Corridor"
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