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I will never be able to watch this episode. I have never even been able to get through it since it's first run. I hate the music they changed to 5th season and I think that it is a terrible TERRIBLE mistake to fool around with anything like this--LHO was a pawn. He was a victim, and as LHO said himself in the news footage you can watch any time--and I offer anyone a challenge that sees this to even believe ONE second of LHO/QL--when a reporter told LHO that he was the only suspect in the Kennedy assasination take a really good look at his face, see the surprise the horror and then the disgust. Then hear his words, "I was a patsy," at another time. I'm sorry if the writer of LHO (I know who it was, I just refuse to discuss him) has some hard feelings about a guy he knew for 5 minutes several decades ago, and really just wanted to show the world that LOOK I KNEW THIS GUY!!! I KNEW HE WOULD DO THIS BECAUSE I SAW HIM GETTIN' DRESSED IN A LOCKER ROOM IN 1959!!!!!!! Right. I am not one to mince words about this or anything QL that hurt--this hurt. This made me sick. To think it could have been Sam leaping into bad as that might have been I would have rather had that.

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