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I've just gone over everyone's posts here.

Had I posted my feelings here after the first time I watched LOH it would have been negative. I remember commenting to myself how dark it seemed. I immediately felt the acting was incredible but the story and how it was presented was very dark. It didn't leave me with a good feeling.

But since then I have seen this episode several more times. I have to say that as I watch it over again I am more drawn to the way the whole thing was presented and acted than how dark it is. Really, the emotions and feelings Sam goes through as he switches between himself and LOH were amazing to watch. Seeing Sam angry is so rare and interesting to see how he reacts to that. The scene with Marina and how he reacts to his slapping her comes to mind. Or even seeing Sam switch over to Oswald such as when he gets angry with the sergeant when he was shooting.

I don't really hold any position on how JFK was assassinated and I don't feel it reflects on QL that this particular point of view was taken. And, I thought the idea that Sam leaped in to save Jackie and not JFK was fabulous, not weak.

Overall, I now find this episode quite captivating.
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