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Default Hello!!

I was there on Friday when the COllectormania. I can't see a lot of thing about QL:
I just see the DVD's ( but I have all ) and I bought a picture of QL.

Will be there any convention in Europe ? I'm not going toi go to loa Angeles, to expensive.... but I would like to see Scott and Dean...I have seen a Colin Firth once, beacause I'm a Fan an now I would like to see Scott. :-)

Originally Posted by leaper1
Dropped by Middleton Hall this morning.

Couldn't find any QL t-shirts, but one stall is selling Quantum Leap DVDs for 8 per season.

Didn't have time or cash to meet any of the stars, but nobody from QL was there this time, so if I'd been able I probably would have just tried for Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge from Stargate SG1.

Sorry I didn't have time to warn you I'd be there - we had a change of plan because we had to return faulty goods to John Lewis.
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