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Originally Posted by jmoniz
How do you know Cam would do just fine? Since Sam didn't leap out until after the kiss had been initiated one can then infer that GFTW felt that it was necessary for him to do so.

Who knows...maybe through Sam's institution of the kiss, Jill and Cam became highschool sweethearts who married and had a child who went on to do something important. It could be that if Sam hadn't initiated the kiss, Cam might not have had the courage to do so and those events might not have happened. Of course, that's purely speculation but since Sam didn't leap out until after initiating the kiss, I think it's safe to assume that GFTW felt that it was necessary.
I agree her with Julia. as I stated in my last post Cheryl stated that Cam was struggling to get the guts to ask her out let alone kiss her. He seems like the very shy-away type, so without Sam's help he may have never asked her out and thus if there was a future for them with marriage and children as Julia suggested all that would have been terminated. So leaping back in in middle of sharing a kiss with her due to Sam's giving him a boost by starting it; is probably the drive he needed to ask her out and ensure a possible important future for them.

In addition, I personally thought it was cute. I love Sam showing his sweet side

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