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Default Major Advice needed Re: April 1-7

Hi all, I need some advice regarding my holiday, I am arriving March 23rdish and leaving April 7ish and have plans from March 23-April 1. However from April 1-7, I have no idea what I am doing, where I am staying and basically have left it very late to organise. My travel agent is pissed off with me because I have left it all so late, however I have been rather preoccupied the last 6 months with my life turning to to sh*t.

So, I've decided to wing it. Not make any plans and just see what happens. Had a vague Idea about catching the train to Las Vegas, checking into a moderately priced hotel there, checking out some local attractions for a few days and them coming back to LA or taking a bus somewhere else with the intention of being back in LA in plenty of time to get my flight home. Here's what I need to know

1. Am I crazy
2. If I travel around in daylight, catch cabs and be careful will I be safe, or will I still be mugged, raped, pillaged and left for dead.
3 Is there anyone else hanging around in LA for that time, what are they doing and can I join them
4. Is all the scary stuff I see on TV about america true or is it overated or underated

Thats a few questions to start with, any advice would be appreciated.

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