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Originally Posted by Bexter View Post
2. If I travel around in daylight, catch cabs and be careful will I be safe, or will I still be mugged, raped, pillaged and left for dead. .

Good question, BTW

Originally Posted by Bexter View Post
3. Is there anyone else hanging around in LA for that time, what are they doing and can I join them
I'm plan to hang around till April 3rd, in which time I'd catch a plane in the morning to NY.
On March 30th I plan to a nearby (very cheap) hostel with a rommie, but he plans to leave on April 1st, so you can move in with me till I move out.
I don't think I'll leave for Vegas, as it would be expensive for me & I have another 4 days in NY (& the Con would probably suck most of my money anyways).
If you'd like, I'd love to think of things to do together.
As This is my first time in LA, I'm sure there are plenty of things to do there (like Disneyworld) that I would love to do with another person, rather than alone.

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