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1. No you are not crazy.
2. Yes travel in daylight.
3. No you cannot hang with me! HA!
4. Is all the scary stuff I hear about Australia true or is it overrated or underrated?

Personally I would not live anywhere else in the world. This is from experience. I honestly don't think you should travel alone and that is in ANY country. I WOULD go to Vegas tho. That's a sound plan and Vegas has a lot to offer. Too bad you can't get a car. Or can you? If you train it there, stay on THE STRIP, not OFF the strip. Vegas could keep you busy for a few days. Get a bus trip out to HOOVER DAM and try one of those GRAND CANYON tours you can find in the mags in the hotel room.

I used to go to Vegas 4 times a year because I loved to gamble. I'm pretty familiar with the place. I still strongly advise getting a travel partner, just because it is the most common sense thing to do. It's not safe to travel ANYWHERE by yourself these days so whatever you've heard about my country is both true and false. STOP watching TV (silly foreigners).

One week to puddle around is a long time when alone. I've done it in Europe but wasn't crazy about it. That kind of visual history is not here in my country and DEFINITELY NOT in LA.

Other suggestions: SAN DIEGO or north to SAN FRANCISCO or MONTEREY.

Let's hope you find someone and YES your travel agent was right.
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