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I was traveling around in the south west of the states with one more person for a month with a vague plan for the route (also to make sure you'll make it back to your plane in time) and a rental car. That was a lot of fun too. There's plenty of motels all over like in Australia and I haven't run into any mad people trying to annihalate us. Then again we probably stayed clear of bad neighborhoods (as I would in any country).

Vegas is fun and affordable (expecially if you don't gamble ) the Grand Canyon was amazing but there's a lot of nice places all over.

That was my experience, hope it's useful

Oh, if you're a trekkie;

there is a Star Trek Hilton in Las Vegas. it just started up when I was there , so it must be even more cool now. Check for prices for more than one night they tend to be really affordable!
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