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Aw bummer,I leave for Oz on April 2. I'm pottering around Santa Monica etc. on the Monday-Wednesday, if that's any use. Santa Monica Hotels aren't the most economical, but I stayed once at the Hotel Carmel, it was the best priced and only a few minutes' walk to the Pier. It's a small older-style hotel, no frills but the location is great.
My preference this trip is to have 3 nights at an airport hotel, and just bus it down to the beaches. I'm saving a fortune. Today I took out a 3-star mystery hotel with Hotwire. $59 a night plus taxes, and I ended up with the Holiday Inn, so I'm very happy. It has a free shuttle to LAX, being within it's perimeter. If you stay elsewhere, even releatively close like Santa Monica, you may expect up to $25 each way.
My stepmother has just advised me that she has rellies near the airport-looks like I'll be making First Contact with them at some stage during those 3 days...that'll be interesting.
If you go to that Mexican restaurant, bring a HUGE appetite, and skip the entrees.
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Thanks so much for this advice, I'm thinking I'm going to head to Santa Monica on the 3rd April, stay in a hotel near the pier and head back 6th or 7th to catch my plane back to Aus. If ANYONE wishes to join me for all or a few of the days in Santa Monica then let me know. And I just love Mexican food.
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