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Originally Posted by jg1981 View Post
I thought it was extremely cheesy when Al did that prayer.
It was but it's the sentiment that mattered. It had meaning because it was a significant milestone for Al.
A man who unreservedly smites God plead to Him for his dearest friend's life.
For the first time in 30+ years, even though it was just for a moment, something was important (or perhaps desperate) enough to Al to reawaken a speck of his Faith.

Originally Posted by jg1981 View Post
And why didn't that train just hit the brakes? It was the most slow train I've seen in all my life!
Good catch. Agreed. The timing of the talk down scene was unrealistic.

As a whole, I believe it was about 30 seconds to a full minute, far longer than it would take a train to travel the distance it had from the moment of Sam's arrival on the scene.

Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
I thought the actor who played Tony was familiar - it was Fabricio from "Titanic"

But about the episode, something that confuses me. After the assassination attempt, Al tells Sam that he was really there to prevent Father Mack from killing Tony, but this couldn't be the original mission because originally it was Mack in the confessional and did get shot by Tony. So Sam changed history where Mack survived and went after Tony.
As Lightning McQueenie pointed out, Sam changed the mission.
When he replaced Mac in the confessional he simultaneously succeeded in preventing Mac's murder as Tony opened fire into the stall because he thought it was Mac which it was in the original history and created a new one because the attempt on Sam's host instead of him snapped Mac.

Though I'll grant that it doesn't make sense that Al had called it a mistake on Ziggy's part implying that she'd given them the wrong mission from the beginning.

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