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I actually started to watch the first one where we are introduced to Alia and keep in mind I haven't watched this episode in 19 years when it first aired but anyway when I got near the end where Sam and Alia are standing in the kitchen at night and Alia starts to seduce Sam and pull him into the bedroom I had to turn it off because I knew what was to come and how uncomfortable it made me when I first saw it! But from memory I just remember Alia running her fingernails down her face and neck and then letting out a bloodcurdling scream! Then if I remember correctly Frank runs in and Alia accuses Jimmy of trying to rape her followed by Frank beating the crap out of Sam. Didn't Al show up around this time and say to Sam "Don't hit him Sam, just don't hit him!"? Anyway, you can tell how much that ending had an effect on me! Without watching it I could still see that scene so clearly! Here's how I would have written it! Picture it, instead of having Alia as an evil human being I would have had her as one of Satan's minions who is in the form of a human being, then at the end she confronts Sam and tells him that she has finally ruined a leap for him and that she won't mess up this time! You know like in that other episode I won't mention so I don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it! See I knew they should have had me on their writing staff! LOL!
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