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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Apologies, my concern about being unclear was apparently justified.
Sam was not sent back to a point before Alia's arrival in my head canon; he was sent back to the day he arrived but a few hours earlier it appeared. That's where the two days came from.
What I was getting at is that he didn't have to be sent back to a point before Alia's arrival for the effects of her presence to have been erased. It still makes sense, supposedly this is the Almighty here.
In fact as I pointed out it's implied that they were erased.

In addition I agree with you, Alia had to have been there for at least two weeks to a month to do the prolonged damage she did but Sam was not. Am I being more clear now?
Interesting since the longest Sam ever remained in a leap was the two weeks he'd spent with Tamlyn in Temptation Eyes.

You've got some very well thought out suggestions here.
The first one doesn't fit and you nailed why but have a small add on. I am not so sure that Jimmy could have been made to understand that he would have needed to address Alia as Connie. Recall in Another Mother little Teresa addressed Sam as Sam even in front of Kevin(who of course didn't pay it much attention because she was supposedly just being a little dork).
Teresa may have been much younger than Jimmy but remember Jimmy is mentally a child, that's what Down Syndrome is and why I believe it would qualify as a circumstance under which one can see Sam and Al.

Here's the thought I had in mind; unless my memory isn't serving me Al had once mentioned that Jimmy had the mental maturity of a 12 year old am I right? 12 is beyond the maximum age at which a child is pure enough to see Sam and Al.

Now Tibby is an interesting case. He didn't seem to have DS as severely as Jimmy so he too is questionable as qualifying. So this leads me to look at your confinement suggestion. It's true, confinement can do things to one's mind. Ever see the film Desturbia? I'd actually not picked up on that about Laura Fuller. I thought she'd lost her mind from having accidentally killed Violet.

So you may be right, Down Syndrome might not necessarily be a qualifying factor.
Interestingly Bestie and I wrote a leap in which Sam was put into the institution where Trudy was the year she died and she who was said to have it worse than Jimmy could see him. She saw Al (hologram Al) as well in a scene or two but of course she did not recognize him, she wouldn't.
Oh I'm sure Violet's death also had a part to play in Laura's mental state as well. But she didn't actually kill Violet, when Violet was running away from Laura she'd run onto the boarded up well. Laura tried to get her off the boards as she (rightly) thought they could break but was too late. Like she said, she tried to catch Violet but was only able to grab the locket...

What I don't really understand is why Laura never reported it. If Laura had called an ambulance they may have been able to retrieve Violet's body and treat her injuries / resuscitate her. We actually aren't given any confirmation that Violet died instantly. Maybe because of Abigail beating Violet up, the rivalry beween Laura's and Leta's families, combined with the town's beliefs about her mental state, made Laura believe if it was ever found out she'd be charged with murder. Mind you, the alternative, rotting away in a mental institution, wouldn't be considered any better...

Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into a Trilogy thread. Back on topic, yes Al said Jimmy had a capacity of a 12 year old, so yes, it could be that he wasn't innocent enough to see Alia and Zoe. And yes, I suppose it makes sense that Sam didn't have to go back to before Alia had leapt in. In fact, there really was no reason why he had to go back in time at all after Alia leapt out - he could have just witnessed the timeline change around him as though Alia had never been there...
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