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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
That's what I was guessing too.

The other thing might have been that this is the first time Sam has had to leap to do the exact same thing as a previous leap - to prevent Jimmy being institutionalised again... This would be what was causing so much stress to Ziggy - the unexplained change in the timeline...
There was also Frank leaving Connie, something that could have actually become an issue the first time as a result of Jimmy being re-institutionalized because she wouldn't accept him.

Though I agree that the central baffle factor was that Sam shouldn't have had to be there since the LaMatta's had a flawless timeline. The fact that he'd been put into a leap he'd already corrected but went wrong again is indeed a first and probably what Al was looking at.
So in that context LHO wouldn't apply and the comment is valid.

What had Ziggy throwing a tantrum if memory serves was her inability to follow the rapid changes appearing on the time line including things that were unrelated to Sam both in connection and not in connection with the portion of the leap where the only action he'd taken was to eat a TV dinner. She seemed to even pick up changes that Alia had begun to develop before Sam's arrival such as Frank leaving Connie for that chick from the docks.

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