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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told

Chapter 8

Sam looking really cross grabs one of the Al's lucky he choose the right one the devil.

The devil laughs Infront of Sam's face and Sam says to the devil.

"This has to stop right now."

"I couldn't agree with you more" the devil replys with a very evil stare.

Suddenly Sam realizes he is no longer on the film set just Sam and the devil are back standing in the desert again and even real Al had gone no where in sight.

The devil looking like his friend suddenly starts to grow very big and black clouds start to form above them in the sky the sky turns from day into the blackness of night.

And with Sam looking so small compared to the devil. The devil says In a blooming voice.

"Fall to your knees and worship me!"

Sam not sure what to do next falls down onto his knees and suddenly puts his hands together in prayer and prays saying.

"Lord please help me?"

The devil suddenly looking scared himself says.

"Noooo! Sam!"

And in the hour of Sam's need suddenly the devil is overcome by a pure white light and it seems like the devil quantum leaps in a bright white pure of light.

When the light faded away Sam was left in a dark place suddenly again a beem of white light shines through the dark clouds and shines above Sam night turns back into day.

And suddenly a man floats down from the light and when he touches the ground right Infront of Sam is Jesus Christ.

Jesus reachs out to Sam to lift him back onto his feet and when he does Jesus smiles at Sam and says.

"My good faithful servant"

Sam smiles and replys

"Coming from you that means the world. Where is the devil?"

"Gone back to where he belongs"

Sam feeling extremely tried hugs Jesus without even thinking and says

"I want to go home"

Jesus smiles and strokes his hair and replys still hugging Sam.

"The power is within you Sam it always has been and when the time is right you will go back. But there are still people out there who needs you Sam."

Sam let's go of Jesus and looks at the prince of peace and says to him.

"But how many more leaps must I go through before it's all complete?"

Jesus smiles and says

"The son of man was injuried due to the sins of the world for it was his purpose why I entered the world to die for the sins of many. Even tho your purpose is different Sam this is your purpose your reason to be."

Sam throught about the saviours words for a moment until his attention was broken by Jesus saying very loudly.

"Buddy wake up!"

At that moment Sam woke up and he was back in his trailer again and Al looked over him looking very concerned and says.

"For a moment there Sam I throught we had lost you."

With a really bad headache Sam still nursing. Al continues to say.

"Sam you have a movie to finish."

The next few days went like clockwork Sam had finished every scenes of the film and got over his fear of heights with Sam being raised onto the cross.

When the film crew was completely finished and the crew where starting to pack up Sam and Al was out side his trailer and Al reading from the handlink says.

"You did it Sam the film gets made and helps a lot of people and becomes the best version of the Jesus story to date."

Sam smiles and says

"But what about him?"

"Sam you where dreaming there's no such thing as the devil"

Sam looks at Al not sure what to say and says

"Maybe.... But Al no matter how long it takes me to get home I am so glad you are with me on this journey"

Both Al and Sam start to smile at each other and sam starts to quantum leap into time......

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself in army uniform looking at the most impossible thing he has ever seen.

Sam was in complete aww of the wonder Infront of him.

General hammond says over the speaker phone.

"SG-1 you have a go!"

Sam was in aww of the event horizon of the Stargate as all the SG-1 personal was going through the water like portal of the star gate Sam was frozen to the spot transfixed by the technology of the star gate when all the team was through apart from jack o Neill and Daniel Jackson who was now the good Dr Beckett.

Jack looked at Sam and said

"Daniel we don't have time for this"

Jack grabbed sams arm and pulls him towards the gate continuing to say.

"We'll done this millions of times already Daniel."

And all Sam could Sam before entering the portal of the star gate was.....

"Oh boy!"

The end
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