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Originally Posted by blue enigma
You are correct. In Star Crossed when they first enter the Rathskellar Sam is watching young Donna work and reminiscing to Al about how they met at Star Bright when she was about to leave.
Thank you for the confirmation.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
Interesting, because from what you've described, in the same novel he meets her in a bar and has sex with her that night. Which seems to contradict him being extremely shy with her
Correct, and then in another flashback he's shown as uncomfortable when she tries to secretly steer into a conversation about his previous relationships by sharing her first engagement with him. He wouldn't budge and the level of discomfort almost resembled PTSD.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
I find Sam to be pretty open with people in general
This is true, Sam is shown to be a heart on his sleeve kind of man.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
(if we accept that she is the love of his life - in my opinion the show's writers tell us this but never show it (and even refute it) ).
Agreed, The Leap Back needed to be a two part episode to fully give us a sense of their relationship and intimacy. Though we get a strong sense of Beth being the love of Al's life in MIA in the usual 45 minutes. So perhaps there were just missed opportunities here or that the interest of the writer just wasn't there.

It's a very unstable concept because it's true, it's built up to a point and then knocked down.
The whole Star Crossed episode where you can his side of it then in his introduction to The Right Hand of God, he actually says:
"Leaping about in time can have it's advantages, like reuniting the love of my life with her father..."
Then we have The Leap Back confirming the success of Star Crossed.

Then suddenly it is assumably refuted; Deborah Pratt was said to have called it her least favorite episode for reasons regarding the project's portrayal or Sam being sent home or something like that but because she regretted Donna.
So it's safe to assume that she'd mentally deleted Donna when she wrote the Trilogy Episodes.

You're not missing much by not reading this particular novel trust me.

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