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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Agreed, The Leap Back needed to be a two part episode to fully give us a sense of their relationship and intimacy. Though we get a strong sense of Beth being the love of Al's life in MIA in the usual 45 minutes. So perhaps there were just missed opportunities here or that the interest of the writer just wasn't there.
True, part of it is that The Leap Back just wasn't fleshed out enough in the 45 minutes they had, especially compared with how MIA was able to drive the point home that Beth was it for Al in the same amount of time. But even beyond those two individual episodes, throughout the series there's a difference in the way the two relationships are realized.

We never forget that Beth was Al's true love. She's a part of him. Whenever he talks about his other four ex-wives he messes up the order, mixes up their names, etc., but he never makes those mistakes with Beth. And in the Star Light, Star Bright episode when Sam, under the influence of truth serum, is giving his real name and talking about Quantum Leap, Al calls out to Gooshie that if he disappears from existence he wants to leave everything to his first wife Beth - which is really something when you think about how divorced people usually behave when it comes to property, they don't want their ex to have anything.

Sam doesn't even remember Donna. And even though, as she reveals in MIA, Beth came third after flying and the Navy, Donna doesn't even come in third with Sam. She's somewhere at the bottom after Project Quantum Leap, Al and the rest of the world.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It's a very unstable concept because it's true, it's built up to a point and then knocked down. The whole Star Crossed episode where you can his side of it then in his introduction to The Right Hand of God, he actually says: "Leaping about in time can have it's advantages, like reuniting the love of my life with her father..." Then we have The Leap Back confirming the success of Star Crossed.
Yep. They didn't follow through with it. Sam didn't remember Donna after the opening of The Right Hand of God, not until The Leap Back, which has always bothered me because there are many things Sam does remember, even without Al reminding him. He also fell in love with other women very easily. The Trilogy is the most extreme and obvious example, but even way before that, Sam pretty regularly had feelings for women in leaps, even as early as Season 1 post Star Crossed (Alison in Play It Again, Seymour for example). And part of that can be rationalized as the mind-merge with the leapee, so the feelings he had were partly the leapee's, not entirely his - but it still gets kind of messy.
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