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The last thing I'm concerned about with this upcoming telefilm is its title. I'm worried about the script writing, continuity, Scott Bakula's availablity, etc. In my opinion, there's nothing really wrong with the title. Actually, if you think about it, no matter what the movie would be called, there would be people that hate the title. "Quantum Leap: The Next Generation" is just absolutely terrible. That title has already been taken!

When naming anything, the last thing the creators want is a problem with trademark names or copyright infringement. It's best to not even bother going anywhere near there and come up with something totally fresh. At least the new title is somewhat original whether people view it as cheesy or not. The only thing is it appears a bit ambiguous because it sounds like its taking Quantum Leap into the future, when it will probably be taking place in the past. I have to say though, I'm liking that idea "Quantum Leap: Re-Genesis." Sounds cool to me. Ultimately though, I think they should stick with the tentative title.
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