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Default Re: What's in a name?

*heaves a HUGE sigh*

I feel so bad that I've gotten so behind on reading the VS. I'm sad to say that I only ever got as far as "A Flying Leap" in the start of the 10th season before I became so busy I couldn't keep up with the episodes...

I am now in the complete and total dark about anything and everything that has gone on since the beginning of the 10th season, and I really hate that feeling of not knowing what's been going on. It makes me feel as though once I get my newest VS story finished (which I've been working on for a couple of years now), it probably won't fit in at all, as things have probably changed very drastically at the Project and stuff...

*sighs again*

I may just skip everything and read "Future's End", 'cause that sounds like a *REALLY* interesting story. Never would have thought of Sam being the object of a cult's worship...

*sighs one more time*


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