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Default Quantum leap meets SG1

Chapter 2

Jack looks at Sam oddly and says to him as they slowly look around the area from the gate.

"Daniel why are you acting like you're never been through the Stargate before?"

Sam looking a little nervous trying to think of a suitable excuse to say.

"Sorry sir I am just a little bit nervous that's all on this leap"

Surprised Sam even said the word "leap" he gives of a nervous smile.


Jack shakes his head and then turns to carter and says

"Is the area secure?"

She turns to look at jack and says

"Yes sir it appears to be"

Jack smiles and says

"Let's go in this direction then campers"

Teal'c and the rest of SG1 follows jack slowly and they find themselves in a countryside like place with trees and woodland everywhere.

As Sam was following everyone he said to himself.

"What have I gotten myself into this time?"

After ten minutes of traveling the team encounter a clearing in the centre of the woods with a stonehenge like construction in the middle Infront of them they noticed strange alien writing on all of the stones and carter says to the team.

"This looks exactly like stonehenge sir"

Jack turns to Sam and says

"What do you make of it Daniel?"

Sam looks at all of the stones realising he must be the teams ancient languages expert.

Not being able to read the language.

Jack says

"Is this Goa'uld or ancient?"

Not knowing what these words mean Sam ignores jack.

he notices a red crystal in the centre of the stones and just resting on a middle stone.

As Sam starts to walk towards it suddenly the crystal slowly starts to glow red and then a beam of light shoots out of it and hits Sam squarely into the chest and as Sam falls to the ground.

Jack shouts


Trying to come to his aid and suddenly Sam is covered from head to toe unexpectedly in red quantum leap light and when the light fades away when jack reaches up to Sams side he points his gun at Sam and says.

"Who the hell are you?"

And all Sam can say is

"Oh boy!"
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