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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
These are all good points and I agree. I would also add that he can be self-righteous. To be fair it's not all the time or even most of the time. But he is like that once in a while in leap, such as in 'Pool Hall Blues', and he is certainly like that with Al sometimes. There are a few episodes where he really belittles Al, especially in Seasons 4 and 5. And he has a double standard when it comes to the rules.

Also he's a jerk to Donna in 'Star-Crossed' in my opinion.

For the most part Sam is a really good man though. I love the character and I like that he has flaws, even if a couple of his flaws annoy me. It makes him more compelling and more human, not Mary Sue-ish, which can easily happen with a character like Sam who is good at so many things, looks the way he does, etc.
That was another thing I thought about after I sent my post. Sam can be hotheaded at times. As you stated, Sam belittling Al is true. There are times when Sam will raise his voice or get angry at Al, but I can't really think of a time when Al has gotten angry at Sam. Al will get excited and wave his arms around, but he doesn't really get angry at him.

But I love Sam dearly and think he's amazing. It's only after you really study him long enough that you start to see that he's not perfect and he's not always right, but you love him anyway. Like you said, it makes him more human.

Just out of curiosity, you said you thought he was a jerk to Donna in Star-Crossed. Did you mean The Leap Home? Cause in my opinion, I thought he might have even been too nice to Donna in Star-Crossed. If I was stood up at the altar, I would probably feel more like Al did in that episode. Sam is very quick to forgive and even thinks he knows why Donna did what she did. Although it makes me wonder if that was just his speculation or if Donna had actually given that reason to him after she stood him up.

And while we're on the subject, I actually love Al's reaction to Donna in Star-Crossed. You can see his allegiance to Sam as Al is not at all happy to see her. He looks at her with distrust. Sam may not remember all of the details, but Al would have been all too familiar with what she did to his best friend. Sam was probably a wreck after being left at the altar and it would have been Al who picked Sam up by his bootstraps and helped him get over her. Just as Sam helped Al get over his drinking. That must have been a very tough time in both of their lives.
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