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This was one of the episodes that I recorded first run - and then didn't record over the following week. I ended up with four cassettes, six episodes on each, which I labeled "QL Keepers." (I just threw out my set of QL Keepers videocassettes when I bought the fifth season). I love this episode for the characters; everybody from the randy owner to the grizzled manager is right on the money. The actor who plays the hot shot hitter did a tremendous job conveying both the pain that he's drinking to anesthetize, and his vulnerability. No wonder he reminds Sam of Al. This is one of the episode obviously inspired by a movie ("Bull Durham," 1988 ), yet, like the others, it takes a different turn from the shared premise and delivers a satisfying story.

I don't mind "another" baseball story, any more than I mind that they did more than one courtroom drama, or more than one college episode. It's not a copy of Genesis; it stands on its own.
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