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Yeah I agree with bluedana. I of course respect your opinion isz as I do everyone's but your view does not fit. All you are expressing is that the theme of sports is repeated. That has nothing to do with the plot. Trust me I took a creative writing class last semester so I now know better even than before what a plot is. The plot is the "why?" of the story. The story tells us the events and the plot is why those events are taking place. The fact that all the epidoes you are discussing are sports themed is NOT the plot. It's just the setting.

As I explained above before Julia explained it better, all the plots in the each of these stories are different and did not involve winning the game as a huge deal except of course in The Leap Home. So I will give you that one. But even so, winning the game being the point of the story is a common sports movie/tv episode thing so even if you were right Tommy Thompson would not be the only one repeating it or the first to do so.

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