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I think, that Don Belisario began to prepear this episode as the final when The leap home episodes were issued.
Sam begins to change his close enviroment in the past. But at present time he has killed brother and unhappy sister. So randomity of the time track takes place. But the returing home is a definite action (point). So the coming randomity destroies plans formed in the past. I think that means the barny when he says about changes done by Sam. And he (Sam) came up to the non-return point, having in his mind at last to help Al. And the aim of God (barny) is to make Sam realize that the last leaping will be by his own willing (He doesn't warn him about consequences because it's naturally for God).
Why it was the non-return point? That's because Al in new reality will not deal with QL project bacause his life is successful. So in 1999 there will be no the fact of Sam's leaping.
We could have more episodes but Mirror Image is the only last episode.
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