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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
The way I see it is that Alia was connected to Zoey's branwaves. Zoey's brainwaves were connected to Thames'. Thus Alia's are connected to Thames' through Zoey. If Zoey hadn't been there she couldn't have seen him.
That was my take on the science of it too.

Taking it a step further, because Sam had leapt with Alia they had crossed neurons (to use an Al-ism) and that's why Thames' incessant crowing kept attracting Sam's attention.

I'm not buying the turnaround time on sending out another evil leaper so effortlessly. Zoe did get a bit swiss-cheesed, but not as much as should have happened to a first-time leaper, IMO. 48% probability of return within 48 hours - betcha she never told Alia that statistic. Poor Alia kept trying to get back home and the odds were probably nil.

While I'm not a major fan of the Evil Leaper episodes, I liked this one. The hypnosis, the multiple leapers, and the nasty prison guards were all thought-provoking. I thought the nasty guard had killed the dead woman.

My kids had hoped that the holograms could see each other and have a verbal face off, which I agree could have been fun. They also wanted to draft Thames to the good side because he was loud and dressed funny, just like Al. They even went so far as to suggest a hologram for the holograms, like a sidekick, lol. I explained that SAM is Al's hologram partner, which distracted them long enough to finish the episode.

As always, Al's standup routine in the waiting room was intriguing, esp with such a sharp opponent. She was a smart, tough woman; very much a challenge for Al. They both handled the scenes well. I had never thought about it before, but it's true: some of the people Sam has lept into are better off in the waiting room than in their real-life situations that Sam now occupies. Eye-opening comment, that one.

I thought that Alia's leap was interesting because she lept blue-white, so (to our way of thinking) she was moved by the Good Force. The woman she lept into came back unharmed by the shotgun blast, which was even better.

We all cheered to see Zoe leap Red and Thames fritz out. Guess by that point, even the kids were fed up with the evil leapers, lol. Hope that "worse than death" awaits them, too.
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