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Originally Posted by Snish View Post
I agree. I detest this episode. I could follow who could see whom, but I thought the plot was a not-believable mess. Especially the ending. Al suddenly blurts out all this information, which Sam repeats, and people believe him. Huh? Alia disappears, and Al says, "Wherever she is, she's free." So how does Ziggy know that? Didn't work for me.
A couple of possibilities come to mind. The first is that the instant the guard who helped them demanded they be handed over to the state troopers, history changed and when it did, Ziggy suddenly had access to all the information that wasn't available before. Al would have literally been reading information that Ziggy had only just been able to access due to a timeline divergence.

The other possibility is that when Alia sufddenly leapt, Liz's mind was no longer swiss cheese from 2 people leaping inot the waiting room at once, and was suddenly able to remember what she'd been told.

Either works.
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