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I just realised two new things when watching this episode again...

I had never really understood the significance of Zoey appearing in the vision Alia created while she was being hypnotised. Now I realise it's actually Zoey locking on to her brainwaves. They must have come verrrrrrry close to locking on to her.

Second - after Zoey has leapt into Myers, she says "for the sake of Science, I'll see how the other half live..." and while she was sabotaging "Liz's" chances of finding out the truth by cutting the 24 hours she had to ask the prisoners down to 16, I also now realise that she was planning to rape "Liz". From the candles and alcohol etc, it seems like Zoey was planning a "romantic" evening. It's interesting to see just how evil one leaper can be...

Wonder what would have happened if Sam had been captured by Lothos when he and Alia leapt together eh?
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