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Originally Posted by QL Nut View Post
I think it's safe to say that Alia now became a 'good' leaper just like Sam, since she was free of Lothos' technology and leapt by the same force that leaps Sam. In order for Alia to be truly free forever, Zoey had to have died so that no subsequent leaper or Lothos could ever connect to Alia's brainwaves again. Zoey was special because only she was connected to Alia's neurons and mesons.

I would say Alia leaps from place to place exactly like Sam, though with no holographic guide.
I actually had an idea for a fanfic regarding what happens to Alia.

I think that she actually will be leaping around putting right everything that SHE had put wrong under Lothos' orders, before ultimately destroying the Evil Project herself.

And as for her guide - does anyone remember Angelita???

Also, something else I thought of...

Since under hypnosis Alia was remembering parts of Angel's life... would that mean that Angel (in the Waiting Room) was remembering parts of Alia's life? What horrible memories she must have had to endure. Or would she just have been "empty" (for lack of a better term)...
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