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Thank Quantum Leap for this episode!
It rated average so far,
until I actually ran into a photographer like that!

And you know what, warned or not, over 30 and borderline intelligent or not, I fell for it to a degree. Although I was clear minded enough to stop anything really indecent from showing. I'd just like to send out an additional waring to everyone.

It's shocking how the brain just turns off in states like that. Especially when you think you know the guy and he's trustworthy... to a degree and that you're not really a beauty queen anymore and out of the target zone. It's really like that, you're focusing on keeping your poses right while he adjusts things that are a "problem" or "in the way" "stand like this" "hold this there" "smile", focusing on radiating, eyeline (meaning, you cant see what he's doing as you're facing the other way) and all those things next thing you know a large chunk of uncovered butt is glaring at you from the photo even though you were dressed with shorts a second ago! .. not to mention that the shot was an "implied nude" looking quite disgusting actually. And then he even managed to make you feel silly for not liking it. Sounds unbelievable, but it works that way.

I wanted profile pictures for his "free offer database" (research showed that he wasn't meant to ask money to begin with so the whole free offer thing was nonsense) just for a small extra job here and there, head shots and a few full body shots... normally dressed.

Note: Nothing wrong, in my opinion, with posing for a trusted artist and agreeing on nudity in varying degrees if the model agrees beforehand and wants those pictures. Being maipulated into something you didn't want and didnt ask for is just disgusting, though.

Long story short, thanks to this episode and the sequence in Fame my alarm bells eventually rang loud enough for me to hear them. Thanks to all quantum leap cast and crew, I owe you one guys!

And heads up to everyone else, even if you know and recognize the trap right when you're in the middle of it, it's still shockingly hard to get out with most of your dignity intact, it's like your perception of reality is warped, no matter how smart and worldly you are. Keep your guard up guys!

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