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This is one of Scott Bakula's best, most emotional performances.

I love this episode. I was glued the whole way through and I love the surreal, dreamlike quality - I know some people interpret this as Sam is dreaming the leap, up until he leaps to Beth, which is an interesting interpretation. I love the focus on the friendship and that Sam finally rights that wrong for Al, I love seeing Sam in a leap where he can't directly help out and how frustrating that is for him.

As for that last black screen: this is a time travel show about changing the past, so to me saying "Sam Beckett never returned home" is no different than saying "Tom Beckett died in Vietnam" or "Maggie Dawson never won the Pulitzer", both of which were true at one point but were changed. So, to me this is also changeable, especially since it's past tense. If TPTB were thinking of continuing the series later or doing a movie they would need to have Sam still leaping, so they gave us an ending that was 'final' but also open to a continuation. So, that's my two cents on that.

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