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Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
While this was a pretty decent episode, it's one that makes me understand why ratings were beginning to drop by the fourth season. There's a formula to this show and after awhile it starts to get a little stale.
This is kind of why I think having Al do a few more leaps might have been good for mixing things up a little bit, at least at the beginning of the season. It would've been the same formula but with Al as the leaper and Sam as observer the dynamic would have been very different, which could've made it more interesting.

Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
Also, if I recall correctly, in the fourth season QL was on against something else that turned out to be more popular, although I'm hard-pressed to remember what it was. I had a co-worker who watched QL and she stopped right around Season 4 because she and her husband started watching whatever it was up against because they decided they liked it better. So I think even long-term fans were beginning to tire of the show a little by this time.
I'm pretty sure it was up against 'Full House'. That's where the 'Stand Up' episode came in - they got Bob Saget as a guest star to try to pull that audience back in.
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