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Just watched this episode again.

Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
One thing that puzzles me about this is that when Joe offered to go with Sam to get the dog, why the heck did Sam turn him down?
Because Joe was an idiot. Even if the dog was scratching to get out, which he wasn't, with the weather that was going on outside anyone with half a brain wouldn't let a pet outside. I don't know whether he was the original killer but his action was at the very least plain stupid if not malicious. Sam had enough problems without someone like that 'helping' him, so it's perfectly understandable that Sam would turn him down.

There are some interesting things in the episode and the footage is cool, but there is some bad plotting. I guess they were trying to set up conflict and keep us wondering who was the culprit, but it was badly executed in my opinion. It all hinges on a blatantly stupid and mean-spirited act by Joe -- and had he turned out to be the culprit that would've made a bit more sense in the narrative, where he's using the dog to get Cissy out of the shelter and to her house and vulnerable if he wants to hurt her. Instead it's left standing as a random act of stupid and it feels forced in order to move the plot in a certain direction. To me anyway. Other viewers may have very different takes on it.
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