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The Saga Sell and Main Titles for Quantum Leap episodes are sourced from the episodes "as edited". As Quantum Leap was edited on film before the advent of high definition editing on a computer, all the clips in the intro sequences have been copied many times. This generation loss results in a grainy low resolution image and lots of gate jitter (the picture wobbles up and down).

So today I got bored and I have recreated the Season 3 Saga Sell by sourcing each clip from the original episode it is from. It took a bit of jockeying on the leap-in from Genesis. And I was unable to replace the 2 scenes of Sam in the Accelerator Chamber. Apparently the clips used in the intro are from a different "take" than what exists in the Pilot episode, so a simple one-for-one replacement is not possible.

Quantum Leap Season 3 Saga Sell Intro from Blu-Ray Sources

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