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Originally Posted by alsplacebartender View Post

So far, I'm not very impressed. Hate to report negatively, but downloading as Feldon described may be the only way to get the episodes looking and sounding great.
Just to say, I don't think the issue you're describing with the MIA scene is to do with the BD mastering, but rather happened at the HD scanning stage.

I agree that in some scenes the black levels are off, causing a lot of dust to show up (the Georgia scene being one of the worst offenders), however downloading them isn't the answer. The iTunes versions are near enough the exact same (albeit very slightly darker). I realise I'm splitting hairs here, but it would be unfortunate for someone to go off and buy the streaming versions expecting them to be better.

From what I can tell so far, all HD versions (Aus BD, US BD, online streaming versions, ITV HD - and even the Mill Creek DVDs which are sourced from the same scan - suffer the same problems throughout) - but really, they're all damn good for the most part. I'm certainly very satisfied with what I've seen and they're the best of the HD versions out there due to their increased bitrates (with apologies for the jpeg compression in the below grab, which paints the discs in an unfairly poor light - I'm just trying to point out the shared issues with black levels).

EDIT TO ADD: Just checked, the other glaring issue with the HD transfers to date (including iTunes etc) has been that the leap-in during Hurricane turns green in error. This mistake is still present on the Blu-ray. I think we can be pretty confident that the Mill Creek BDs share the same master as all other HD releases so far.


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