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I must warn everyone before reading ahead. If you haven't watched all the episodes of Stargate SG-1 you might be spoiled if you read on. Season 8 episode, "Threads".

I must admit, Damon, the idea I mentioned is based on the revelation that George Dzunda's character was actually Anubis, the half-ascended Goa'uld. And in the ep, Daniel Jackson was brought to a plane of existance between the living and of the ascended and he was in a diner. The very same diner that his grandfather brought him to after his parents were killed in a tragic accident.(non-auto) The customers in the diner were the other ascended beings who haven't said a word. The only people who talked to Daniel were the soon-to-be-revealed Anubis(George Dzunda) and Oma who was the one who was tricked by Anubis into helping him ascend long ago. Sounds a bit like "It's A Wonderful Life?". The diner and the coffeehouse, that is. In fact, Al's Place is very similar to that diner. Al the bartender could be ascended. Stawpa, Gooshie the miner, Taunchi and Pete, Mutta, Ghee. Any one of them or all of them could be ascended.

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