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Originally Posted by Aging Boomer
I thought it would have been a neat twist if Abagail had been guilty after all! Did anyone else find Abagail a bit "off"--not crazy, just a little creepy and not as wonderful as Sam kept saying she was? When she first appeared in this part of the trilogy, I didn't believe it was her--she hadn't aged a bit in twelve years! I didn't care for the girl playing young Abagail/Sammi Jo either, and it had nothing to do with her accent. Or rather she seemed a little miscast; she looked perfect for an Outwardly Sweet Evil Child character!
It's not you at all. I though Abigail was a bit off myself - especially as a child. You're description is exactly what I always felt about the way she was portrayed. Put in Sam's place, I wouldn't have been reciting all the ways I loved her so much a sleeping with one eye open. I'm sure that's probably how they wanted to character to seem to keep the viewer guessing. I think it just went a little too far and I felt no symptathy for the character at any age.
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