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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
I think that it's something Connie had been doing. Lothos could have known this and convinced Alia to do this as to not arouse suspicion. Besides, if Alia's objective was to wreck the marriage, then how would teaching Jimmy to read accomplish that?
It wasn't the reading lessons themselves that were significant it was about neglecting the marriage by occupying all of Connie's time and effort with them.

We see that it's successful right out of the gate in the first scene:
"Great. She remembers your article, but she forgets my lunch."

Then once again at the dinner table:

"I am trying to help Jimmy. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort."
"Yeah, well, you're pushing him too hard."
"Did you read that stuff about the space program I gave you today?"
"Did you understand it?"
"Gemini VllI had to make an emergency landing. They had a problem with their thrusters."
"That's wonderful! Aren't you proud of him? All we have to do is push him a little more. He's great."
"Yeah, that's right, Connie. And he nearly drove a forklift off the pier today.
He could have killed himself. You know, you're pushing him too hard. You're trying to build up a false confidence."
"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help."
"Just leave that to the doctor. Your job is supposed to be here taking care of the house. I mean, look at this place! It's a mess."

Originally Posted by servo75
Well yes but assuming that Sam leaped in directly to counter Alia, the leap should never have happened in the first place, but we have to assume that Alia's refusal to shoot Sam didn't erase the previous two days, so that's still confusing.
I'm afraid I don't understand what you are arguing here.
All I can respond to is that it's unclear what exactly allowed the damage Alia did to be erased, so we can't assume anything.

I've been considering, was Sam, in fact, sent to counter Alia or perhaps to save her? Remember she was essentially a prisoner of her project, manipulated, tortured into being their puppet. Ergo, her situation was a wrong that needed righting and when their paths crossed, he brought her hope, a chance just as he does to anyone he encounters during a leap.

It's for this reason that, to answer this question:
Originally Posted by servo75
I know Alia was supposedly evil and was out to counter Sam's actions but do you think that Alia genuinely has feelings for Sam or was the whole thing set up from the beginning?
Her feelings for him were, in fact, genuine throughout and after the 'You're not evil Alia, whatever is jumping you around in time is' speech. That hope grew in her eyes the more he argued against Lothos, that she could take control and say 'no' to something she didn't want to do. He got through to her because that person that he described was the person she really wanted to be.

Also, consider that it's only after she's freed that he never encounters her again.

Originally Posted by servo75
My theory about the origins of the Evil PQL may have something to do with the extra handlink left behind in "Leap Back".
This is my theory as well and that the cassette recording of Sam's sodium pentothal session in 'Starlight Starbright' was involved as well. That tape revealed PQL's clearance number.

Originally Posted by servo75
Of course if the whole idea was to counter Project Quantum Leap, why did Zoe not know about Sam before that leap? Maybe Lothos knew but kept it secret.
Because Zoey had to request for Alia to go as the leaper in her place, I believe it's safe to say that she's merely an employee of the project it's creator's theoretical knowledge of Sam doesn't indicate that the employees are informed.

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