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Default Deb Pratt and Sam & Donna

[quote=wakkanne;60432]Is that true that Deborah regretted having Sam married to Donna? It would explain a lot.
I interviewed Deborah for an online local fan blog about 20 years ago. She said and I quote...she was my character, wasn't she? Not Don's not anyone elses. She was not crazy about Leap Back. I did the interview just after it was aired. There was much more they could have done and I do not include Donna in any of my fic unless she is some kind of post leap where she was never in Sam's life after he was dumped by her. Or she is a shrew. IMHO she was selfish, and a terrible person and the Sam that married her was a different person than the one that had a heart and put that into the work he had to do. Debra did not write a character who would want to sacrifice Al for her having Sam with her. I have a lovely copy of Leap Back. I cut Donna totally out of it.

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