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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
My theory on this was that Al helped Sam with those answers and was either having fun messing with his boy scout buddy's Swiss chee
A shame, as I'd have loved to use the idea in a story of Al streaking while at the orphanage, and the nuns being scandalised!
And if Al streaked he was probably trying to get out of having a BATH!

I am enjoying this thread as it gets my head moving. I wrote a series of novels (fanfic), all post Leap, where Tom ends up a suicide after Sam comes home. I had an uncle who killed himself after WW2 and I wanted to write some of what my grandmother had told me. He had a very ideal life, his parents and a lovely country home, sisters who adored him, but he just didn't want to live. He'd seen friends die next to him, his mind was shattered. I also think Sam may have some form of PTS when he does come home, and unlike the end "Mirror Image" gave him, I firmly believe I personally could NOT live without him coming home.

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