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Wow! What a great post. I love detailed information like that. That's an all-time Hall of Fame post, Scotophor! Thanks for sharing!

I had never seen those numbers before. I agree with you that it's unlikely that the episodes were filmed in that order, because of lots of discrepancies (for instance, "Honeymoon Express" wouldn't have even been filmed until the season was well underway, even though it serves as the premiere).

I would also like to see how well this order would follow the use of the various handlinks. Of course, the gummy-bear handlink would have made several other appearances before "Spontini," but they'd be different episodes than the ones that aired. Then all of a sudden it would revert back to the black handlink for "Leap of Faith" and "One Strobe..."

Still, it's fascinating to me when someone finds obscure information that hasn't been widely available to the fan community until now. I'm definitely going to keep this information on hand. Now if one day we could find out the actual filming order!

Thanks again, Scotophor!
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