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Originally Posted by Scotophor View Post
Leap-outs? Do they not always match the next episode in original airdate order?
I'm only able to go by the DVDs at this point, but I'm assuming they match the original aired versions. For the most part the next aired episode was the leap-out, but there are a few exceptions such as "Play It Again, Seymour" into "What Price Gloria?"

do you have episode-by-episode info on which specific version (or versions) is shown for the "calculator" style handlink? Or the "gummi bear" style (very difficult - the gummi versions are so similar they can pretty much only be distinguished in excellent close-up frontal shots, which are rarely shown)?
Unfortunately, I haven't. I only recently found out that there WERE different versions. I never looked closely enough at the handlink and always thought there were just two; the calculator and gummy (plus the random piece of plexiglass in "Genesis"). I'd love to see a list of these or make one myself at some point.
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