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Update to post #17 above: I just re-watched The Color of Truth, and Dean does use the handlink prop once, in the scene when they first visit the cemetery. It must be one of the "Calculator" handlink versions, but isn't shown well enough to determine which one. However, I also re-watched Star-Crossed, and there doesn't seem to be any handlink used in that episode.

Update to post #19 above: I now know there were at least four "Calculator" handlink versions. The one in Genesis was very simple, had no LEDs, and was thinner than all the others. I call that version "Calculator Alpha". The one in Double Identity was thicker, with a different arrangement of "button" graphics at the bottom, but apparently also no LEDs. I call this version "Beta". In The Right Hand of God, How The Tess Was Won, Camikazi Kid, and probably several other episodes, the handlink has a row of four red LEDs in the top "screen" area, and below that, two rows of four "buttons" each, which are backlit with red LEDs. The screen LEDs are not visible from the back of the prop, but the button LEDs are. I call this version "Gamma". At some point in the second season, a completely new "Calculator" handlink version appears which includes green LEDs as well as red, and has a green LED dot-matrix screen at the top which scrolls text. This version, which I am provisionally calling call "Calculator Delta" until I can verify that there was only one such version, is shown very clearly in close-up in Pool Hall Blues.
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