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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
I get the feeling that the Evil Project would have been elaborated on in Season 6 had the show not been cancelled
That would have been excellent, perhaps even reveal what happened to Alia when she'd leaped out of the prison. Or return Zoey as the new evil leaper.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
As for the "I didn't do it" line, I just assumed that it was Angel coming through, saying that she didn't kill Carol. It would make sense, because later she tells Sam that Carol had said something to Liz earlier that night. This is what prompted Al to interrogate Liz in the Waiting Room..
True, this is something I as well have considered.

Originally Posted by Lighting McQueenie
Speaking of Vivian though, I loved her character, and her line "If I'm about to step into the Twilight Zone, I need a damn minute!" - it's especially funny if you realise that Carolyn Seymour (Zoe) was IN the Twilight Zone :P
That was such a great line, I did enjoy Vivian.
I did not realize Carolyn Seymour was in The Twilight Zone, I've actually never watched it.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Whatever your take on the shooting incidents is, by all means use it in your fanfic. There really is no right or wrong. My opinion is that the bullet intended for Alia missed them both - just being absorbed by or passing through the empty aura in that split second where they were being switched out, and that the bullet intended for Zoe did in fact hit her and wound her. I personally think that Thames initiated her leap out (he was frantically pressing buttons on the handlink) to try and get her medical attention back at the project (it was within 48 hours so she should have been able to be retrieved). The bullet must have gone with her, because it didn't appear that there was an exit wound, and when the real Myers had returned, completely unharmed, the bullet had disappeared.
Actually I quite like this take, it makes perfect sense to me.
In my fanfic however it would have to work somewhere in between the outcomes of Alia and Zoey. That's all I shall reveal.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Beyond that I thought the episode was a hot mess and the worst in the Evil Leaper trilogy. The Evil Leapers weren't my favorite part of QL anyway and ties with the celebrity leaps as being the most shameless grab for ratings (in my opinion) but I find 'Deliver Us from Evil' and "Return of the Evil Leaper" to be at least watchable and there are things I like about them. I can't bring myself to sit all the way through this one after the first time through.
Exactly how I felt.

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