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Part 2

Sam started to explore the castle while Al was back in the future the castle was dark, damp and gloomy.

Every where the rooms was lit by touch light on the walls it felt like with every step Sam had leaped back to the medievil Era and it didn't feel like 1998 at all Sam came across many open and locked rooms and wonder what was on the other side of these locked doors but quickly thinking to himself

" best not too think about it."

Leaping around in time can be fun from time to time but this time on this leap Sam was hoping he could leap out as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile outside castle Dracula a black coach parks up to the castle and a gentleman wearing a suit and hat gets out of the coach and being guided by the coach driver the driver points to the castle and the gentleman holding his briefcase started to walk slowly up to the great old door of castle Dracula.

The coach and the black horses with supernatural red looking eyes started to pull out of the grounds and started to race down another path onto a unknown destination.

Suddenly Sam heard a knock on the door to the castle and in that moment Sam brought his cape up covering his mouth and then gave up the move when he said to himself.

"what am I doing?..... Great I am starting to act like Dracula now great."

After a few minutes the door to the great castle opened and Sam saw a stranger looking at him on the doorstep of the Great castle.

And Sam said

"yes can I help you?"

The man in the night took off his hat and said.

"hello my name is Johnathan Harker and I am here at your request sir do I have the pleasure of addressing count Dracula?"

"Sam said who? Who are you again?"

"my names Johnathan Harker sir don't you remember I am here to discuss the Abby you want to buy sir don't you remember?"

Sam looking totally surprised continues to say

"but that's not possible you can't be Johnathan that's totally made up"

"sir I don't mean to be rude sir but Johnathan is my name, and it is getting quite cold out here now so can we not go inside and discuss this matter in a more serious way please sir?"

"of course sorry where are my manners please come in"

Johnathan smiles and as he steps into the castle he closes the door behind him and both Johnathan and Sam start to slowly walk up the spiral cold, stone steps into the castle.

Johnathan says

"my this is quite a castle you have here sir may I know how long you have lived in this castle sir?"

Sam looking unsure and says

"many years, many years in indeed"

"of course sir, of course"

As soon as Johnathan and Sam got to the main floor of the castle Sam lucky opened the right door to the dining room area of the castle and inside the room there was already a fire burning in the fire place and food was already layed out for a social gathering to. Take place.

Johnathan sat down at the table and Sam said

"please feel free to eat the refreshments that has been prepared for you"

Johnathan smiles and starts to eat the meal in front of him of lamb, veg and potatoes with gravy.

Suddenly Al walks through a near by wall and Sam notices Al and Sam quickly says.

"Johnathan please feel free to enjoy your self for the time being I have other duties to attend to so I must take my leave and be back with you again shorty."

"of course"

Sam walks out of the room into the hallway and Al reappears as if out of no where Sam says to Al.

"Al this leap is greating weirder and weirder"

"how so?"

"Al it is as if I have leaped into the story of Dracula the book is starting to play out tonight its very creepy Al guess who's that man in the dinning room?"

"who Sam?"

"he said his name is Johnathan Harker"


"yes I don't know who I have leaped into Al but this guy I have leaped into must love Dracula so much that he is playing the story out exactly how bram stroker wrote it"

"that's strange Sam"

"your telling me Al does Ziggy know why am here yet? Please say you know Al"

Al taps the hand link with the device flashing with all of its usual colors.

"Ziggy says you here to save a woman called cosmina in the original history she goes missing tonight and ends up dead and her body is found 30 miles away from here two days from now and she is discovered having bite marks on her neck and she is totally drained of blood Sam. Ziggy says there is a 98.3 per cent chance she will probably make contact with you at some point tonight and Ziggy says you're best bet of success is to just send her away from the castle as soon as she makes contact with you"

Sam nods and says

"OK, oh boy!"

End of part 2
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