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Part 5

As Sam is walking around the abbey Al reappears and says outloud.

"gooshie I've got him"

He taps the link and says to sam

"you've probably guessed that your Dracula again"

Sam looking unapproving says

"yes I can't escape the clothes but why Al am I back as him. But I can't really be Dracula can I Al?"

Sam then checks his pants pockets and pulls out the book Dracula and quickly flips through the pages noticing a lot of the clear events being underlined in red.

" Al see I have the novel here this guy I have leaped into he is recreating this story this book is like his Bible to him this proves my theory Al he can't be a real vampire just a fan who has let himself go in more ways than one"

Al says "that's a relief to know and let's see why you are here again?"

Al taps the hand link trying to find the information he needs and says

"Sam we are totally not sure if seems like we can't pull up any information on who your leaped into it seems to ziggy he's used to living off the grid as so to speak but the title deed does say that this place was brought by a count Dracula."

"OK so to why am I back as him Al?"

"Ziggy says you're here to stop the count once and for all by handling your self over to the police for murders to do with vampirism."

"when Al?"

"Ziggy says that over the years a few have died by this count always women and some are in England and a lot of them are aboard."

"OK Al I'll do it"

"it least on the bright side Sam you don't have to do anything this time to do with the blood moon"


Sam leaves the abbey and heads for local police station in London and he hands himself over to the police telling them about all the murders he had done with Al giving him all the details using the name count Dracula.

As a police officer locks up Sam in a cell Al reappears and says.

"you did it buddy the count spends the rest of his life in jail and he never sees the light of day again"

Sam smiles saying

"he didn't like to see the sun light anyway Al he's a vampire remember"

Al smiles and says

"yes your right"

And in that moment Sam starts to quantum leap and he leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself in a dressing room in a theater and when he looks at himself in the mirror he sees his own face in the mirror and says.

"how can it be me?"

Then he notices a script in front of him and it has his name written on top of it saying

"Scott bakula"

And he quickly checks his dressing room door and he realizes on this leap he has leaped into a actor called Scott bakula Sam says to himself.

"oh boy!"
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