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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
Come on, Jassian. Just from the few conversations and interacions I've had with you, you have many good personality traits. I've seen you're hardworking, polite, and very well-educated, to name a few.
*L* thanks. Told you I was bad at this
But I have some bad ones too, at least I know about them, ey
I think my main minus point is impatience.
My teacher mentioned expansive, bright, warm in preparation for agents' day. Maybe a bit excentric too.

And you're helpful, insightful, very very polite, eager to learn to add to your list. Actually a lot fo people there have this sort of trait it's awesome.

Angvav, Maybe inspired is a good word for you. Although there is a better one floating around. Gotta catch it.
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