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That's something else that has come to bug me. I could have sworn that Sam had snuck a mention to Irene in Future Boy that he had not attended his father's funeral as Moe Stein had not attended his wife's but when my best friend and I recently watched it, it was not there. But I could swear he mentions it and was responded to with "I am sure your father forgave you." Maybe I'm losing my mind haha. XD

Speaking of which Mirror's Edge brilliantly uses Tom in the present day to express how even when Sam was around his family he still actually wasn't as he was up in his head working on his theories. Something Donna admitted to noticing as well (there is even a flashback where she's straight up asks him for sex while he's working late but he denies her) but knew what she married into and expressed more than once that she could never want another. Her love for him was unbreakable.

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