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Sam Beckett Fan, blue enigma, I LOVE you guys!

Oh my gosh, yes, the, "Daddy, tell me all the ways that you love me" line... I actually made a taped "radio" play with my brother back then where she says that line and then Sam says, "Abigail, I love you so much that I want to have sex with you..." I called it "Bumpkin Love". hehehehe....

I certainly agree that there COULD have been this wonderful Sam love story involving an in-leap romance that resulted in a child, but this was NOT it. And I also agree, that for story telling purposes, if they decided to give Sam a child with the express intent of bringing him home, when they never intended to bring him home, is just misleading and frivolous.

And can I just mention Al's comment at the end of part 3 where he basically says, that the curse is broken because Sam and Sammy Jo share DNA... WHAT? WHAT? I mean, I know that Al is superstitious and all, but he is also a scientist. How can you even connect the two? I mean, WHAT?

And I know I shouldn't have to apologize for my opinions. I think about that every time I hear someone say, "Oh I HATED that episode" referring to one that I enjoyed. I just have to remind myself, "remember Trilogy". Or as I like to call it, "The Episodes Thrice That Shall Not Be Named". Quantum Leap had something for everyone, I suppose.

Based upon your comments here, you are probably going to LOVE my fanfiction, even though my writing, since it was originally based off of the QL novels, supports the mental leaping aspect. Reading these comments have given me a renewed confidence that the fandom may not reject it, but actually embrace it. I in fact, two years prior to seeing The Episodes Thrice, created a couple of characters that knock the socks off of Abigail or Sammy Jo. Maybe that's also part of why I hate Trilogy. When I saw finally saw it, it felt to me like an insult. It was like, how could I so effectively create this wonderful story out of a somewhat similar concept, while my inspiration, the show I loved so much, could have failed so miserably, not capturing the characters at all?

I really need to finish story #1, so that you guys can read it. And at the end of my series, I DO bring Sam home... although, it's only the beginning of yet another adventure...
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